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Poaching - Warning, graphic images below. 

While we've mentioned the issue of poaching in the conservation sector, we're discussing it more here as various animals are very close to extinction, which can never be reversed and there will be no excuse if this happens. 

Please watch this short video to show how ending smallholder farmer poverty, the biggest cause of poaching. Click here. 

We're solving this one issue, but it's the biggest cause and not the only cause.

Raising awareness in the west, does not really help the extinction of animals in developing countries. If awareness worked on developed countries, then there would be laws in place in the US, Europe and other regions and countries which would make it instantly punchable by 50 years in jail for any US or EU Citizen traveling overseas to poach endangered species and yet it's not. 

There is a wide misconception that most people who poach are these terrible people and more often then not, their just trying to survive or feed their families. 

A different look at poachers from their perspective. Click here.

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Raising awareness has not worked and we're running out of time.

It's possible that doing the same thing for another 10 years for raising awareness of the issue might solve the problem of poaching, but after how many years do you say "ok, that's not worked" and none of the organisations which have tried to end it, have focused on the root cause. 

To end poaching, you must end smallholder farmer poverty first and then when he majority of poachers have a better economic situation and frontline services, you can start to educate them about extinction and why we should never see anymore animals become extinct. 

List of endangered and critically endangered species. Click here.