We've listened to so many inspiring video's, read so many books and seen so many great projects and we want to keep doing that and we want a world that gets better each day, but to often inspiration leads to nothing and nothing changes. Kabu & Co. is solving the majority of the worlds major issues, but this page is all about things that inspire us and we hope you too. 

This page is not about Kabu & Co. but simply things to we feel might inspire others to see how the world is and have the passion, energy and dogged determination to make the world a better place. 

We believe we are now in a lost generation, which is on the cusp of something truly wonderful, but we must first fix the most simple aspects of our society - Environment, food & water security, equality more. 

We will solve the environmental issues and food security and hopefully we can then see a world getting on with where we should have been 40 years ago and stop being in this negative and destructive world.