Governments - Taxation & Frontline services

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The problem - You can only have front line services if taxation is possible for all, and you can only have taxation if you have banking services to track farmer sales. 

If you can not tax last mile farmers (farmers in remote regions), then it's not possible to provide them with adequate frontline services. This includes; infrastructure, doctors, police, fire services, schools, sewage systems, rubbish/trash collection, access to clean water etc. All the things we take for granted, which are provided through taxation.

Without these frontline services, you also have bigger issues which can provide the perfect conditions for extremism. The most vulnerable people int he world are the poor and the uneducated, which are targets for extremist groups. 

2 billion unbanked people in the world.

Only 27% of people in South East Asia have bank accounts. That's over 400 million people without banking facilities; savings, loans etc. And none to little taxation. How can Gov. provide frontline services without funds to do so?

In India, 43% of all bank accounts are dormant - It's not only about having a bank account, but having activity. 

86% of Filipino's don't have bank accounts. 

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