Why invest with us?





How much are we raising?

Unlike most startups, we're a need, not a want. 

We need food and we're running out. We're replacing the global agriculture infrastructure. Most tech you will see are all doing the same as one another, with the core business being replication, while we're innovation. Most are wants, like Google, Facebook and many more and as useful as they can be, you don't need them. What you need is food and that's why what we're building, will be the most exciting company you will ever invest in. 

High ROI, first of it's kind, very positive environmental and societal impact. 

We're raising $350,000 - $500,000 USD for our first year of operations.

Currently we've raised $50,000 USD and when we raise the next $50,000 we will start building the MVP/Tech.

Investment amount

Minimal investment is $10,000 USD.

For more information email info@ka-bu.com


ROI, dividends etc

Our business model will make profit within the first year, unlike many tech startups. 

- We need 248 customers from 13 million customers worldwide to breakeven. 


Month 3 - MVP. 

Month 6 - Launch. 

Month 9 - Break even based on $42,000 costs per month.

Month 9 - 12 - Making profit each month. 

- ROI - 16028% 

- CAC - $5.5 

- Profit per customer - $8,064

- Customer life time in months - 48