We currently have 700,000+ farmers and growing.

We can increase your current income considerably, without you having to do any more work. 

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By working with us, if your a large oat farm in Sweden or a small farm growing coffee or rice in Cambodia, we can increase your income. 

We're only working with non-perishable crops for now (coffee, tea, rice, wheat, herbs, spices etc), but we will work with perishables in the future. 

We will work with both land and sea based farms and we also have a solution to decrease fish catch and increase income at the same time. 


Many smallholder farmers are not able to apply and get normal bank loans, as you are viewed as a risky investment prospect, but if you work with us, we can ensure you will have more normal interest rates.

We've already had discussions with banks in Indonesia, India and global banks about this, who have provisionally agreed to our proposals to ensure farmers have both normal interest rates and access to banking facilities (loans, savings etc). 

We can also ensure easy repayment functions to the banks when you take a loan, so you don't need to worry about loan repayments, but they are all automated when sales go through us. 

Please click here to see a video on the importance of banking.