Hotels, cafe's and any company in F&B

We will give you access to a huge range of crop varieties at a very significant reduction in cost, with an increase in quality. 

We are only working with non-perishables for now, but will work with perishables and other products later. Coffee, tea, rice, wheat, spices, herbs etc.

We can reduce your costs by 30-50%. 

127,000 types of rice in the world, with one having 40x more antioxidants than blueberries. 7,500 types of apples. 20,000+ types of tomato's. 

How many have you had in your lifetime?

If your in F&B, you'll be looking to reduce costs and also have signature items in your cafe's and restaurants, but how can you if your always given the same limited selection of crop varieties? 


We can drastically reduce the time it takes you to order.