We're removing the middlemen from the global agricultural food supply chain. 

An industry which has been unchanged since 1598. Apart from new ships, carrying greater loads, it's remained unchanged for over 400 years and we believe it's time for a change. 

That same system is the number one cause of the majority of major global issues we face in the world, from climate change and poverty to human trafficking and poaching.

An agri-tech solution to make the global food supply system, much more efficient. Reducing costs for the F&B sector by 30-50%.

We have solutions to; logistics inefficiencies, crop diversification, low yields, monoculture farming, payment to last mile farmers, quality control.

Currently raising investment. 

We have found the solution to the No1 cause of the following global issues.

Climate change, deforestation, poaching, hunger, poverty, food security, income inequality, child trafficking, crop diversity, increasing farmer income, mixed use farming, overfishing, habitat loss, normal interest rates for farmers (the unbanked), ocean acidification, conflict in developing countries, lack of education in developing countries, lack of front line services in developing countries, gender inequality, taxation of the unbanked and even food nutrition levels. 

This is a for profit solution to large global issues, which will create a new global agriculture infrastructure and we offer a very large ROI. Investors, please click here. 

The cause of these major issues, is smallholder farmer poverty and we know how to solve this one issue, which represents 40% of the global working population. 

If you solve that one underlying root cause, you solve everything it relates too. A domino affect will then occur, once we launch and those big global issues which look to big to solve, will be things of the past. 

Kabu & Co. is not about spreading awareness as it just does not work, we are only about solutions. 

We're replacing the global agriculture infrastructure and the is nothing in the world more important than this, as if various reports are correct, we face and end to civilisation as we know it by 2040, through the global food system collapse. 

Full report of the end of civilisation by 2040 - PDF. 

News article on the collapse of civilisation 2040

We're launching in 2018. 

We will impact the Sustainable Development Goals.

Solved - 1, 2, 8.
Impact for - 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16.



We are a Singaporean Ltd Pte company.